Website design and windows software development provided by Complete Binary Solutions Pty Ltd


Websites can be used to allow customers, employees, suppliers or any other stakeholders to interact with your business.

Here are some examples of how you could use the internet for your business:

For your customers

You can provide your customers with the ability to:

  • buy your products online,
  • view their transaction history,
  • downloads forms or brochures, or
  • pay their bills.

For your employees

You can provide your employees with the ability to:

  • enter and view payroll information,
  • enter expenses and upload copies of receipts,
  • get information about jobs to complete, or
  • any other tasks that your employees need to be able to do remotely.

For your suppliers

You can provide your suppliers with the ability to:

  • lodge their invoices electronically (less paperwork and no data entry for you),
  • view their transaction history,
  • download forms / upload quotes, or
  • monitor your stock levels.

Cost of Website Development

Use these costs as a guide only for budgeting purposes. Each situation is different and we will always give you a reliable quote.

E-commerce website

Graphic Design

(this is optional - if you already have a website with graphic design that you are happy with then you probably don't need this)

min $350

E-commerce system

approx $4400 (once off)

Security Certificate

- the SSL Certificate encrypts the information being sent between your website and the customer
- it is used to protect your website from some attacks and protects your customers private information

SSL Certificate (per year)
Setup (once off)
Static IP Address (per year)

$200 to $700

Website Hosting

(this cost is dependant on the amount of traffic that you get to your website)

min $15 per month

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is vital if you want your business to be found on the internet.

The cost of SEO is going depend on the size of the target market (e.g. local, national, global) and how much comptetition there is for the keywords that you are targeting.

from approx $400 per month to $2000 per month

Web Interface for Customers

For this example, your customer could connect to your website and view their transaction history, pay their invoices, reprint invoices or update their details.
  • customer login
  • page for transaction list
  • page for transaction details
  • page for customer settings / information
  • page for paying invoices
  • connection to MYOB, Xero or similar to get and update customer records

approx $2200

Web Interface for Employees

As an example, you could allow your employees to connect to your website to view their payroll history, download PAYG Payment Summaries, lodge timesheets and update their details.
  • employee login
  • page for payroll history
  • page for PAYG Payment Summaries
  • page for employee details
  • page for submitting timesheets
  • connection to MYOB, Xero or similar to get and update employee records

approx $2200